• Prestige 1600
      Prestige 1600
      Hybrid Performance LED
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    • Prestige 1400
      Prestige 1400
      Intelligent Performance
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    • Affinity 900
      Affinity 900
      Smart Performance
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    • Affinity 700
      Affinity 700
      Advanced Performance
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    • Affinity 500
      Affinity 500
      Turbo Power
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    • Passion 40/3 Plus
      Passion 40/3 Plus
      Turbo Power
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    • Sunrise 7200
      Sunrise 7200
      Dynamic Performance
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    • Sunrise 6200
      Sunrise 6200
      Smart Performance
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    • Sunrise 480
      Sunrise 480
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    • Essence 48
      Essence 48
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    • Inspiration 600
      Inspiration 600
      Smart Performance
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    • Inspiration 550
      Inspiration 550
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    • Sun Angel DUO 1400
      Sun Angel DUO 1400
      Individual Performance
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    • Sun Angel 600
      Sun Angel 600
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    • Open Sun 1050
      Open Sun 1050
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    • Beauty Angel 7200
      Beauty Angel 7200
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    • Beauty Angel RVT 30
      Beauty Angel RVT 30
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    • Sundash 32/0
      Sundash 32/0
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    Invest in Respiratory Health:

    A Natural Solution - Breathe Better

    As we start to navigate through the re-opening of the economy and begin exposing ourselves to daily life again, we know that ‘living life’ doesn’t…

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    The JK Marketing Tool

    Introducing the all new JK Marketing Tool. The go-to resource for all of your marketing needs.

    Time to Get Back to Business:

    Adapt & Drive

    2020 has brought unprecedented times for all. With constant uncertainties, our daily business lives have been altered. Some of us are working from…

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